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1. You will be using a system created by experienced immigration lawyers;


2. You will avoid assistance from non-lawyers, such as Notarios and Immigraiton Consultants ;


3. You will be able to complete one questionnaire and iDreanAct's form processors will prepare all the forms necessary for filing right on this site;


4. You will receive a complete package ready for filing. Detailed instructions will guide you through the collection of documents you will need to prove your case.





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* Understand that Obama's Dream Act is not the same as the Dream Act proposed in the Senate. It is actually a matter of prosecutorial discretion. It does not have a path to citizenship. What is does is provide work authorization, which allows you to get a social security card and a driver's license and also makes you legal for the period of the authorization granted. Hopefully after the election the Senate version of the Dream Act will pass in Congress.